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Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr. The discharge flash is effectively prevented by a special resistor at the socket when batteries are plugged in and the material is protected against burn-off.

It is very important, that this plug is plugged in completely, otherwise all the current goes trough the resistor and burn it. I have read the data protection information. Overview Accessories Connectors. Description Evaluations 0. Close menu. Evaluations 0. Read, write and discuss reviews Write an evaluation. Customers also buy Customers also viewed. Customers also buy. Bafang BBS 2 mm Spacer bottom bracket.

Bafang BBS 5 mm Spacer bottom bracket. Bafang BBS axle tool locking ring nut M MT60 Pair, Gold Connector male and female.

Anderson 45 cable battery connector 50 cm. Battery Holder Bottle Bob. Bafang BBS M33 mounting tool axle screw and nut. Bafang BBS E-brake sensor for hydraulic brakes. Programmable Battery Charger Cycle Satiator Chain Wear Indicator. Bafang BBS axle tool locking ring nut second ring. XT60 Pair, male and female Gold Connector. Gearsensor Shifting cable adapter.

Lekkie Buzz Bars Cranks Offset black. Customers also viewed. Velcro Strech Sleeve, Wire Cover.The xt90s is a beautiful design which not only makes fast easy connections of battery packs for those who plug and unplug their battery packs often, but it also eliminates the annoying spark that happens when connecting a high amperage pack. Check out our article on ebike connectors here. XT90 specifications.

A must-have for anyone who builds their own battery. Everything I have purchased from LunaCycle has been of the highest quality, It is a pleasant surprise to deal with a company that wants to sell a good productnot low priced Walmart stuff. Thank you for offering these. Thanks again. Love these connectors. No spark, durable and solid connection. I am pleased with the connectors I purchased from Luna Cycle.

The wires are of a good heavy gauge and the connectors slip in and out with ease yet are snug enough not to disconnect while riding. Fill in your email below to request a new password. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. XTS Connector set with Pigtails. Share: facebook email printer. Current stock: 0. Is the polarity marked on the connectors? Which one is the Male and which one is the Female? Yes, The XT90S series of connectors have spark suppression built into the female half of the pair.

The connector half with the metal prongs is the male. The half with the metal sockets is the female. The outer plastic housing does not affect gender assignment. Add a Review Name:.


Email Address:. Related Products View Product. View Product. XT60 Set Connectors with Pigtails. Out of stock. Xt90 connectors with pigtails. Subscribe to our newsletter! Forgot password?My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Bitchen, Yo. After much anticipation, my W Cyclone mid drive available here arrived from Lunacycle. After spending a whole day slaving away installing this drive unit, I am not even convinced that W is the peak that this motor can take, so it might even be an even better deal than I at first anticipated.

You should also check out this article on our evil step-sister site electricbike. This is not a beginner kit no instructions, no support and you either need to have a decent sized pile of destroyed ebike parts or a note from your mommy in order to purchase one. So your kit shows up, the first thing you should do is lay everything out and make sure you have all the parts you need.


There are 2 different kits for the Cyclone, one for mm bottom brackets and one for mm BB. Make sure you ordered and received the right kit. The next thing you should do is plug-in your battery and make sure the controller and motor both work. Remember to turn the key so that the voltage display on the throttle works, then twist the throttle. The motor should spin pretty fast with full throttle. This kit does not include a PAS sensor but one can be added pretty easily.

If you add a PAS system then you absolutely must have an e-brake cutout. Bench test the controller and motor before you install it to make sure it all works, many connectors are not used although they can be if you want to. I retested the voltage on the pack and connected it with the XT90 and … no spark. Although this is a nice bike getting off the bottom bracket was an unbelievable nightmare. It took me 3 hours of cutting, hammering, thread shredding, and dremeling my own tools to get the crappy stock BB off.

Use a pair of calipers to measure the exact width of your BB from one side to the other. Unfortudently there is not a lot of room on the bolts that attach to the motor so if you need a lot of room then you will probably have to split the difference. I took 2 nuts that were about 3. I had to grind away part of the plate to get the cable to fit right and not be pinched too bad by the mm spacing.

Feel free to cut or grind the mounting plates however you need to in order to make them work. Keep the giant hose clamp in the center as it will look much better in the middle when it comes time to mount the drive unit to the bike.

The giant tie wrap broke on my first time out so instead I suggest that you use two stainless hose clamps which will work much better. I was impressed by the performance of this 10lb motor, I would say its nominal rating should be over W. The next step once the spacing is correct is to line up the motor on the BB and put both sides of the Cyclone axle in.

Stupid is not covered under any warranty. You will then need to tighten the bearings on both sides with a special bearing tightening tool did I mention that the Drive-side is reverse threaded?

xt90 bafang

This is easiest to do with the bike upside down. Then tighten the hose clamp with the screw near the bottommost part of the bike. Then take off the plastic cover on the Drive side crankarm and thread the giant wheel with the gears on it.

xt90 bafang

Mount both crank arms then you will need to work on the tensioner alignment next. This tensioner is not properly aligned, it needs to go about 1 cm away from the motor.I have no idea how I got this much mud inside the drive unit.

Almost anyone with very little technical know how can order a drive kit and 48vv battery pack and have it installed and running on almost any bike with hours of work. The problems arise when things suddenly stop working. This leaves most BBS02 owners with the difficult task of troubleshooting and fixing their own technical problems. Want to figure out all your problems?

Buy 2 identical drive units from the get-go. As with any technical problem the first thing you have to do is break the problem down into a series of steps. My advice when you buy a BBS02 drive unit is to buy two instead. They are relatively cheap and that will give you a bike you can ride with your significant other or friends with.

You could also create a commuter bike and a trail riding bike. I am the proud owner of no less than 8 drive units mounted on different bikes and at least one of them is always broken at any given time. Having more than one drive unit is a great way to swap parts around and find out exactly what is wrong.

When you start troubleshooting the BBS02 the first thing you need to figure out is the problem with the battery or with the drive unit. A messed up pack or a pack with poor electrical connections can often read full voltage with a normal voltage meter but as soon as there is any load on it the voltage can drop precipitously.

With a watt meter in line between the drive unit and the battery it becomes immediately obvious if the problem is with the drive unit or with the battery. If the watt meter shuts off then that means the BMS on the battery is cutting out and the problem is on the battery side.

You can buy a Amp watt meter from lunacycle. If your connector looks like this it might be time for a replacement. The higher your voltage is the worse the problem seems to get. A visual inspection of the connector should show if arcing has damaged the contact points.We always recommend that when you buy any ebike kit, you get the major components controller, motor, and throttle all from the same vendor also, buy a spare throttle.

That way the connectors will all match, and the vendor you bought it from can help you trouble-shoot various issues that might happen. The battery, however…is a different story.

Because of this, it is very common for kit builders to get their new battery pack from one vendor, and the rest of the kit from another. This way, their connected status will hold the pins and sockets in perfect alignment until the soldering job is done, and the housings have cooled off. On 24V and 36V systems, you may not notice any spark, and even if you do, it will be small. On the popular 48V and 52V systems or any other voltage higher than that …there will be a noticeable spark, along with a popping noise.

That spark will cause corrosion on the surface of the metal contacts inside the connectors you are using. The sudden in-rush current can cause a split-second of a voltage spike, which the BMS erroneously reads as a high voltage, and shuts the battery down. Most modern battery packs have a large connector for the power to the controller, and a smaller connector from the battery to the charger. The main characteristic of direct current DC electricity that we need to be concerned about is the amperage.

xt90 bafang

If you use high amps the volume of currentit will need physically large connectors, or they will get hot. Andersons are very common, and they are adequate for this job.

However, they also do NOT yet come with an anti-spark feature, and other ebike controllers can be found with any one of a variety of connectors that are not Andersons. Andersons are not gendered, and it is physically possible for an inexperienced builder to plug them in backwards if they are not configured properly.

This could cause instant controller damage, and likely damage to the battery too. If you use Andersons, make sure to purchase both red and black, so they are not the same color. Also, once you have verified that they are configured properly, bond them with glue or heat-shrink so they cannot come apart.

Hastily re-assembling Andersons that have slid apart, in dim light when you are in a hurry? Luna Cycle is growing in popularity as a battery pack supplier for ebike kits.

If you buy a softpack battery from them, they already come with a female XTS anti-spark connector. It is traditional for ebike systems to have the female sockets on the battery side, because male pins are more vulnerable to having a metal screwdriver or some other tool accidentally touch them, shorting the battery in a huge spark, and possibly ruining your expensive pack. There is a plug and play adapter sold here to convert this to XT If you buy a softpack battery or a Luna Wolf battery which use XTS and this is all bought in the same order, this adapter should be included with the kit.

But it can also be ordered separately from the link above if needed. Can not guarantee all hardcase packs have anderson but most do, especially from Luna. If however you buy BBS02 this has bullet connectors on discharge. Lets start with the controller side, because the controller is not energized when not connected to the battery. Doing this adds a layer of safety until you become familiar with proper butt-splicing. Once you are confident with attaching a male connector to the controller, we can move on to the more dangerous battery side of this operation.

In this first pic below, I have cut off the Andersons, and then I have cut the controller power wires to a length to match the XTS pigtails. If two battery wires are exactly the same length, it increases the possibility that a huge spark can occur. The tip has a cutting edge, and the the base of the jaws where there is the maximum leverage and power has a squared-off area designed for smashing crimps, which we will see here soon. A crimp can be cup-shaped, or a cylindrical sleeve, and….

The wire on the left has common PVC insulation which is thinner, the wire on the right has thick silicone high-temp insulation. Like the name says, when it is heated up, it shrinks down. I now only use heat shrink that is marine-grade designed for boatsand I always get shrink ratioinstead of the common Slide the crimp on first, before stripping the tip, which will make it easier.Login or Sign Up.

BBSHD wiring to shark pack. Posts Latest Activity.

xt90 bafang

Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I've read a ton of posts about the type of connectors that come with the BBSHD controller and the battery and I just cannot seem to find the correct answer. Can someone please clarify if the 'kit' I ordered is 'plug and play', or if I will need to order connectors? My interpretation is that the battery is either bare wire or it comes with an xt90 and the controller has anderson connectors.

Mid Drive Kit Install Part-2, Matching Connectors from Battery to Controller

Should I just order a couple xt90s to be safe? Are xt90s compatible with the xt60 connector on my charger? I haven't soldered before, but I can pick up the tools needed, if need be. I know this discussion has been brought up many time before, but each case is a little different and I have not found an answer as to what kind of connectors Luna is shipping in kits.

New 2016 Bafang BBSHD 1000w mid drive for Fat Bike & MTB (video 1 of 7) MM G32.1000 8fun BBS02 750w

Thanks all. Last edited by mbwaterdog ;AM. Tags: None. Peter Halt. It will unlikely be plug and play. Shark pack has its own round coaxial charging input so you can bring battery into house to charge. My charger came with XT60 to round coaxial adapter. Motor connects to Shark pack mount and you will likely have to do some soldering.

XT 90 works great, but you can also directly solder motor wires to Shark pack mount for a very clean install. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by Peter Halt View Post. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.The XT90 connectors that are spark resistant have a green L on them and a 5. All your chargers have it, your motors have it, and your batteries have it.

Soldering the 50 Amp connectors was a royal pain and I just decided to give up on them for higher power systems. The Cycle Satiator wants to detect voltage on the pack before it starts giving it juice. You can build a XT90 jumper cable quite easily to use newer batteries with your older connectors. When I put connectors on my wires I like to use heat shrink tubing and squirt a little bit of silicone into the end to the tubing before I heat shrink it with a paint stripping gun. The extra silicone squeezes out as the tube shrinks and is easily cleaned up with a rag or your fingers, if you like to play with goo.

This makes the connector MUCH more watertight and less likely to short out. Even though I ride all the time in the rain and snow I have yet to have any connector shorting issues. The XT60 is much smaller than the XT90 plug and is an excellent choice for the charging connector on your batteries.

You will never need to charge any normal ebike pack at anything close to the 60amp rated capacity. For pretty much any real battery pack that can do burst or sustained power at over 40 Amps I only recommend the XT90 connectors as the main power connectors. It is always better to have your build overbuilt than to just use the absolute minimum that you can get away with.

The 50 Amp Andersons are way bigger than the XT60, this one took too much power. I have been very pleased with the performance of this watt meter and although it looks like it may be made by the same manufacturer, the display is much higher quality and much brighter than the ebay one.

If you plug this meter into a 70v Nominal pack it will stop working forever. If your drive unit is shutting off just hang a watt meter in between the battery and the controller.

If the watt meter display cuts out with the bike then the problem is with the battery. It can also be used when you are trying to charge a troublesome battery. Swap the load and source for charging so the load is on the battery side and the source is your charger and you can see exactly how much power is going into your battery. Be aware that more Ah of power will appear on the meter to go into your battery than what is actually stored in the battery due to heat and operating losses, but it will still be close.

I have found the watt meter to be an invaluable troubleshooting tool as well as being incredibly useful in finding out how much power accessories like bike lights are drawing from your battery pack. A must have for any e-bike enthusiast. If you decide to replace the connectors on your battery and want to solder directly to your battery I recommend the following precautions.

No need to unplug the soldering iron to do the positive connection. Like Like.

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