69 mustang 5 lug conversion kit

You can always spot a straight-six Mustang with a quick look at the wheels. Every V8 Mustang that came out of Ford in the early days had five lug nuts, the 6-cylinder cars got four. This leaves the 6-cylinder Mustang owner in a pickle. Strength is another issue. Since chances are the 6-banger project you are working on needs some fresh joints and brakes anyway, why not replace it all together and go 5-lug. During this swap, we upgraded to 5-lug V8 brakes and steering, which we are detailing here.

The steering linkages are all different. The I-6 tie-rod ends do not fit the V8 spindles and neither does anything in between, so it all has to go.

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We sourced all the steering components, from the steering pitman arm and idler arm to the tie rod ends from Mustang Depot. All of the components used were Scott Drake-branded, which is top-shelf quality, so we knew we could trust them on our project.

For brakes, we ditched the drums and went with a set of Stainless Steel Brakes 4-piston disc brakes. The power option relegates the Mustang to an automatic transmission, unless you go with a remote-mount hydraulic clutch, but that will complicate things even more, so the slush-box will stay in our car.

As you saw last month, we replaced the leaf springs with a V8 leaf pack. The rear end is an easy swap but you need a few new parts and have to make some mods. One thing we did not cover here was the driveshaft. We picked up a V8 driveshaft at the same salvage yard as the rear end, but are waiting to install it when the goes in. By the time the Mustang was back on the ground, we had spent about three days a week and a half in magazine time, but that is because taking pictures really slows you down with two guys working on the car most of the day.

We had to make a couple of trips to the parts store too. Once it was done, is was all worth it. We set the car up using jackstands to support the car. You have to work on both sides of the car at the same time, so the entire front end needs to be off the ground. NEVER work on a car using just a jack, always use quality jackstands. First, we pulled the steering components. The pitman arm is difficult to remove, even with a puller. The upper arms and lower arms can be reused with the V8 spindles.

We pulled it all. After the new lower arm was installed, the new spindles we picked up from Stainless Steel Brakes were installed. You can use Granada spindles as well, but that requires different brakes. Since the factory V8 spindles are available in remanufactured form, we kept it all Mustang.

These spindles were shipped cast gray, so we sprayed them black to keep the rust away. The castle nuts were torque to spec- 70 ft lbs top and bottom. We pre-assembled the steering links. A little research on the web and we had it right. The tie-rod sleeves were threaded an equal amount on both inner and outer, left to right.

69 mustang 5 lug conversion kit

First we installed the tie-rod ends, but did not torque them yet.Add the safety, reliability and performance of disc brakes to your vehicle with our drum to disc brake conversion kits. The LEED Brakes kit has everything you need to mount factory style 4 piston disc brakes to the original 5 Lug drum brake spindles currently on your vehicle. All components in these Mustang disc brake conversion kits are new high quality, precision machined products.

A great kit with a factory look and easy installation! Click on an image below to view more info on this complete disk brake conversion kit. Our disc brake kits are designed to fit to your factory drum brake spindle except — 6 cylinder cars without any modifications.

The stopping power comes from our 4 Piston Caliper which is a replica of the Factory Kelsey Hayes calipers used on the factory disc brake Mustangs from Our calipers are assembled with stainless steel pistons and have a zinc plated finish on the caliper casting for maximum corrosion protection.

Simply bench bleed your master cylinder in a vice off the vehicle. Next mount the master cylinder to the firewall, install your new brake lines and bleed the rest of your system. The power booster installation is simple as everything mounts in the factory power brake mounting locations on your firewall. These locations detailed in our instructions and require some firewall modifications on Mustangs. These are simple modifications that were also done at the factory when assembling a Mustang equipped with power brakes.

If you do have any questions about the brakes on your Mustang please call our tech experts at No attributes to narrow your search. Clear Find Parts.

Spindle Mount Kit. Manual Brake Kit. Power Brake Kit - Automatic Transmission. Power Brake Kit - Manual Transmission. Adjustable Pushrod Kit.

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69 mustang 5 lug conversion kit

LEED Brakes. Additional Images. Add the safety, reliability and performance of disc brakes to your vehicle with our drum to power disc brake conversion. In this kit you receive everything you need to mount factory style 4 piston disc brakes to the original drum brake spindles currently on your vehicle.

This kit is an easy installation mounting to all factory mounting locations. All components used in these kits are new high quality, precision machined products.

A great kit with a factory look and easy installation! Note: Fits V8 drum brake spindles. Also fits 6cyl spindles but converts the vehicle to 5 lug. The Mustang 5 lug conversion kit will only fit vehicles with automatic transmission.

Qty :. Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Description Details Shipping Documents Reviews Description Add the safety, reliability and performance of disc brakes to your vehicle with our drum to power disc brake conversion.

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Product CMB The Right Stuff rear brake caliper brackets for Ford 9? View Product Details. Product R. The PGC caliper comes in a red powder coated finish with a black logo, includes Product DR. For cars, it? Based on the venerable forged billet Dynalite caliper, this versatile set is designed to suit the braking requirements and style Dynapro Low-Profile Pro-Series rear disc brake set provides a solution for popular muscle car rear axles that require a parking brake assembly and extra clearance for 14" and 15" wheels.

The neatly hidden internal shoe Product RS This kit is for Camaro models using a 9" rear axle or an aftermarket axle housing using the Torino big bearing ends. The cailpers mount to the outside of the housing instead of the inside like the factory. This is for Fits stock disc and drum spindles. Includes stainless braided brake hoses Includes stainless Product 2BL.

Improve your standard V8 Mustang drum brakes to the safety and stopping power of front disc brakes, with this complete kit. This kit is for a power brake set up, that includes the 4 - piston cast iron calipers, caliperA Mustang Fox Body 5 lug conversion kit improves braking performance and gives you better wheel options on your Fox Body Mustang.

Limited 4 lug Mustang wheel choices led to the ever-popular 5 lug conversion. Some conversion kits will even upgrade your Fox Body to 4 wheel disk brakes! These parts fit:,, and Fox Body Mustang. Your Fox Body comes stock with a 4 lug wheel pattern and converting to a 5 lug wheel pattern offers great benefits.

A 5 lug conversion helps to give you a greater selection in wheels, better braking options, and stronger wheel mounting that can be beneficial if you are drag or track racing. Late Model Restoration offers full Mustang 4 to 5 lug conversion kits, 5 lug drum brake kits, disc brake conversion kits, and hardware.

1969 Mustang Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

We offer 28 and 31 spline axles for your 5 lug conversion. A standard drum brake 5 lug conversion comes with new front rotors, rear axles, brake drums, wheel bearings, wheel studs, grease seals, friction modifier and gear oil.

If you are wanting to convert only your front or rear wheels to 5 lugs, we offer Mustang 4 to 5 lug conversion kits to complete your install.

Not wanting to use brake drums? We offer kits that come with disk brakes that help to increase your performance even more with the 5 lug conversion. Adding an SN spindle 5 lug conversion helps to greatly improve your braking. Each kit comes with everything you need to complete this install and give your Fox some SN performance. With that comes maintenance and the replacement of worn parts. Late Model Restoration has a vast amount of parts and accessories to help fix your Fox.

With parts from ball joint spacers, rear park brake cable E-clips to axles we have everything you need to get your Fox Body back up and running. Shop LMR. We are currently shipping orders at full capacity. Click Here for more updates.

Show More Show Less. Shop Kits or Build Your Own. Featured Kits.The Ford Mustang has remained recognizable through six generations and helped define the legacy of the pony car. The Mustang chassis and design have made it a successful foundation for performance enthusiasts across many disciplines from road racing to the drag strip. Wilwood engineers have continuously met the demands of Mustang fans with offerings like our Forged Dynalite Front Drag Brake Kit for 1st Generation early Mustangs up to the extreme performance high-end Carbon-Ceramic Big Brake Kits featuring Wilwood's exclusive "bobbin mounting system" for Mustangs.

Check out Wilwood's full line of Mustang big brake conversion kits for front and rear bolt-on mounting by selecting your year, make, and model by generation on this page or through our search tool for Mustang kits and accessories. Complete Brake Conversion Kits for all generations of the Mustang. Wilwood Mustang Brake Kits. We've Got You Covered!

Forged Narrow Superlite Front. Interactive Caliper Color Selector. Classic Series Dynalite. All images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Actual product received may be different than what is portrayed on the web site. Wilwood makes every effort to maintain our web site to ensure the accuracy of prices and product information. However, product information and prices are subject to change without notice. Please call before ordering to verify current prices and product information.Need to Know Things you "NEED TO KNOW" about Sake Need to Forget Things you "NEED TO FORGET" about Sake Heating Sake Best Way to Warm Sake Glossary Glossary of Sake Terms Need promo code.

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64 65 66 Mustang 4 to 5 lug disc brake conversion

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1979-1993 Mustang Rear End Axles

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69 mustang 5 lug conversion kit

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